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Game Music Gaiden's podcast

Retro game music show, playing tunes primarily from 80s and 90s games, along with info about the games and stories about what it was like at the time.

Sep 12, 2017


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Final Fight Opening - Arcade


1986/1993 - Renegade - Master System

Mission 1 Subway

Kazou Sawa


1987 -...

Aug 10, 2017


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RetroRic YouTube:

Arcade Perfect Podcast:

Jul 2, 2017

Game Music Gaiden 004 - Arcade shooters 80s

Find me on Twitter @gamemusicgaiden or @paulmccaskie

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Gradius / Nemesis 1985

Gradius Arcade Soundtrack

4th Stage


Salamander 1986

Jun 5, 2017

Game Music Gaiden Episode 3 - Rolling Start! The Racing Games Show


YouTube playlist of videos mentioned




Out Run

Splash Wave


Out Run

Passing Breeze


Power Drift

Side Street (Super Arrange)


May 9, 2017

Game Music Gaiden 002 - An Ode to Puzzle Games

Here are the tracks played along with some links where possible to content about them. If you have any comments or suggestions then let me know at either @gamemusicgaiden or @paulmccaskie on Twitter. 

Tetris A-Type Original Gameboy


Fun Puyo Puyo Hell!

Puyo Puyo...