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Game Music Gaiden's podcast

Retro game music show, playing tunes primarily from 80s and 90s games, along with info about the games and stories about what it was like at the time.

May 9, 2017

Game Music Gaiden 002 - An Ode to Puzzle Games

Here are the tracks played along with some links where possible to content about them. If you have any comments or suggestions then let me know at either @gamemusicgaiden or @paulmccaskie on Twitter. 

Tetris A-Type Original Gameboy


Fun Puyo Puyo Hell!

Puyo Puyo Tetris Soundtrack


Let’s Play With a Rival

Puyo Puyo Sun


Puzzle Bobble Variety



Shinnin Queen

Zuntata Rare Collection Vol 3 SWorks - Shu


Final Battle

Magical Drop 3



Mr Driller Sound Tracks


Morning Beats

Lumines Remixes



Futarino Fantavision Original Soundtrack


Hardening Drops (Instant Death Mix)

TGM The Grand Master


Crisis Visit

Intelligent Qube - Final Perfect Music File


The Veil of Light

Professor Layton and the Curious Village Original Soundtrack





Magical Drop 3 tournament video


Mr Driller G




Tetris Grand Master


Intelligent Qube Gameplay