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Game Music Gaiden's podcast

Retro game music show, playing tunes primarily from 80s and 90s games, along with info about the games and stories about what it was like at the time.

Jul 2, 2017

Game Music Gaiden 004 - Arcade shooters 80s

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YouTube Playlist:


Gradius / Nemesis 1985

Gradius Arcade Soundtrack

4th Stage


Salamander 1986

Salamander Arcade Soundtrack



Hyper Dyne Side Arms 1986

Round 1


Dragon Spirit 1987



R-Type 1987

Legend of Game Music 2 Platinum Box

Battle Pressure (Stage 3)

Boss Theme


Darius 1987


Inorganic Beat

Boss 2







Twin Cobra 1987

Kyukyoku Tiger G.S.M Taito 2

Look Out


Forgotten Worlds 1988

Daimakaimura G.S.M. Capcom 1-

3 Round BGM


Gradius 2 / Vulcan Venture 1988

Gradius Arcade Soundtrack

Maximum Speed


Image Fight 1988

Image Fight G.S.M. Irem 1-


Thunder Cross 1988

Legend of Game Music 2 Platinum Box

Final Base


Ordyne 1988

Ordyne Original Game Soundtrack

Round 2


Vapor Trail / Kuhga 1989

Legend of Game Music 2 Platinum Box

Vapor Trail


Area 88 / UN Squadron 1989

Area 88

Thundercloud (Round 2)


X-Multiply 1989

R-Type II -G.S.M. Irem 2-

Bloody Bloom


Gradius III 1989

Gradius Arcade Soundtrack

High Speed Dimension



Darius Remix

Boss Scene 7 (The Last Boss)