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Game Music Gaiden's podcast

Retro game music show, playing tunes primarily from 80s and 90s games, along with info about the games and stories about what it was like at the time.

Aug 10, 2017


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Music choices by:


Matt Lambourne - @lambomat @rgdspodcast


Wild Arms - To the End of the Wilderness


King of Fighters 94 - Unusual Tiger and Dragon (Mexico Stage)


Street Fighter Zero - Nash/Charlie Stage


Nic Bailey - @nikobe

Donkey Kong Country 2 - Stickerbush Symphony (Bramble Blast)



Thunder Force 3 - Venus Fire


Ys I & II - Palace of Destruction




Bubble Bobble - Main theme


GraveyardDuck @duckgraveyard

Out Run - Magical Sound Shower



@RetroRic79 @rgdspodcast

Mercs - Battlefieldwashing (Senjo no Okami II Arrange Version)


Devil Crash - Main theme - PC Engine



Ninja Warriors - Daddy Mulk




Pheonix Wright - Pressing Pursuit


Advance Wars Dual Strike - Jakes Theme


Castlevania Order of Ecclesia - Sorrows Distortion


Chrono Trigger - Frogs Theme



Final Fantasy V - B.B. Evolution - Akihito